A quick weekday meal…. Thai Som Tum Salad with roasted peanuts

Lea Hogg


Mid-week rush and always too much to do. I make this salad very often and I always pick the ingredients for it when I visit Mr Wang’s to stock up my store cupboard. If the ‘not yet ripe’ green papaya is unavailable you can replace it with swede but I am able to use the real thing.

This salad is light with a blend of real thai flavors, the sweet, the salty with the added sourness from the lime however I am using a green local lemon today as our citrus trees are still heavy with fruit and if you have to buy them, a fraction of the price of limes with the same result. This is a perfect lunch produced in 10 minutes and I could easily have it every day. Most important is the freshness of ingredients.


For two portions, you will need :

Juice of 1/2 lime

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