A Place I Can Call Mine

A Darker Side of Normal


Title: A Place I Can Call Mine

Whispers are digging
As they get deep inside
Derailing my senses
Until there’s nothing to hide

Each step, it wears me thin
Every breath tainted with sin
As I let it drift today
It wouldn’t matter anyway

The spoil laced inside a day

I can feel my eyes forsake
As hope arrives too late
The fight that thirsts inside
Has curled up and died

The air gives me a glimpse
It takes me far away
For the things I never said
The doubts remain a part of me

With everything I couldn’t be

I try to catch the tears I cry
As I’m drowning in a lie
Each breath that was meant for you
Was really too good to be true

The pain I wear inside
Sends shivers up my spine
With each day that wears me down
How could I be so…

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A Day When the Sun Never Rose #Dec7 #pearlharbor #history #poem

penned in moon dust



Sunshine Day

In paradise



An Attack

On Freedom




While many were sleeping

others would be laid

to an eternal rest

at the bottom of a harbor floor

no satin lined casket

mother nor lover planted a last kiss

your bodies  more water than man


on this day of memories

we take a stand

for a world







dec 7

Another Post written for the lover’s left behind – “Waiting for You” ~ L. Moon copyright 2010

Thanks to The History Place for the archived photo

I’m sharing this archived poem with Poet’s Pantry Today.

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I’m Stopping

Source of Inspiration


Think I will just stop
writing poetry
documenting music
passed down orally
creating art
for in the end
it matters only in the moment
cotton candy melting on the tongue

But perhaps this is not true
could be when you read a poem
here, a link is formed
between our soul.
Just as it does
when I play or sing
a song from Amazon natives
who worship immersed in nature
linking me to their heritage
forming a web of Light
extending into eternity
one sparkle at a time.

We can not know the value
of what we do for only time
marks its path and impact
on the world, perhaps
only a ripple that moves
across the globe, influencing
in ways we never know.

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Sound Of The Deepest Cave 7 Miles, Alien?

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Krubera Cave is the deepest Cave known to Man.

It has been explored and the cave is quite ancient.

A Scientific expedition was conducted by drilling into the earth in Georgia.

Krubera Cave.jpg Krubera Cave.

I wonder if the earth , as the Geologists say is not hollow and is boiling, how come a Cave has been built?

Even if it is explained away as a natural phenomenon,how a Cave can be formed at the high temperatures said to exist down there?

Listen to the sound for the Video at  6 miles down the Earth.

In September 1990, a group of scientists put a drill head to the ground in southern Germany, where two landmasses once merged to form the supercontinent Pangaea 300 million years ago. Their goal? To drill the deepest hole ever made into the earth, a “telescope” into its core.

The German Continental Deep Drilling Program, aka the…

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