Magic of Broccoli

Source of Inspiration

Steamed broccoli
with no adornment:
no butter, herbs,
lemon, just garden
fresh broccoli
verdant with life.

For years I have
created savor dishes
bursting with flavor
of onions, garlic,
spices from around the world.
Recently, I have learned
how food left as natural as
possible can surpass the
finest culinary delight…
fresh crisp apple, mint tea,
steamed vegetables crisp
and full of their natural flavor.

Are we, too, over seasoned,
unable to see our natural beauty?
Are our lives so full of mechanical
distractions that we do not hear
the bird singing outside our window?
Do we drink Coke and forget the taste
of clear, spring water?

I have returned to the simple life
of my childhood where we raised
our own food, when few processed
foods existed, and families ate
together at the dinner table.

Do you long for a simpler life, too?
Less work, more time to enjoy…

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Does Hashtag Activism Actually Work?

Tall. Black. One Sugar

There are some times on social media when I can really see the value of hashtags as a means of creating some kind of social activism. To create awareness for causes. To rally political change in places that, one assumes, don’t have a voice. However I remain somewhat cynical as to the real impact of such activism. Does it really make change? Is it an easy way out of actually not doing anything? What is the bigger picture?

My first foray into hashtag activism came about after the riots in 2011. The widespread reaction to the police in London, and further afield, after the shooting of Mark Duggan, shocked many people. Seeing neighbourhoods destroyed sparked a #CleanUpLondon campaign where people took the streets to repair the damage being done. A subsequent #NotInMyName campaign followed where young people wanted to distance themselves from this behaviour and culminated in a visit to…

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Getting Stronger

Syl65's Blog

She ask me if

my love for her had changed

Strange, the thought

never had crossed my mind

In kind I replied

“my love only grows stronger”

The longer I ponder

the stronger my love for you becomes

Summing up my collected thoughts

Conversations far and few

Communication barely transmittable

Our eyes are sore from rare sightings of each other

Just tiny fragments of love

expanding the bigger picture

My loving growing stronger

for you

A constant change that you

will never have to question

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