Remember the Time…It Was Your Birthday?

The Waiting

Remember the Time Blog Hop: Birthday Edition

I find myself in strange but familiar territory lately. As usual, I am putting it on the kid (doesn’t that sound better than blaming it on the kid?). Her birthday is next week and all of a sudden the Pinteresty beast has been awakened in my belly. Even though I wouldn’t label myself a Type A mom, I do love a good color palate and I’m not above assigning one to her second birthday party.* In another life, I loved arts and crafts. I even gave a speech on how to decoupage when I was in college. Shockingly to us all, I passed.

*Thanks for asking! Yellow, red, and purple, in honor of Peep and the Big Wide World

peep-8 Source: (9 Story Entertainment Inc., WGBH)

I’ve really enjoyed preparing for her birthday party. We didn’t have a big blowout for her last year because her birthday actually fell on Easter and, honestly, I was…

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Great Ideas

Source of Inspiration


Where do great ideas
come from? Does our
minds create them from
chemical reactions
in our brains, or is
there a Source from which
all creativity flows?
Why are some people able
to bring forth exceptional
art, music, ideas, while
others seem to plod
through the mundane?

Creativity is a beautiful
gift we are given. It
expands as we use it, as
we open to new possibilities,
allow this flow to fill
us and manifest through
us. It is triggered by desire,
intention, longing that seeks
fulfillment. It can come forth
in most arenas of our lives
if we are open to its call.

Listen to its call in your life.
Consider how you would enjoy
it manifesting, then pursue
it with the joy you were
meant to have in its expression
in your life.

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That Glass Slipper

Sam's Online Journal

Fairy-Tale-Cinderella-1 At first glance, the story of Cinderella reads like a true “happily ever after” tale about a girl who rises from oppression and the underclass to become a princess and have everything she could have ever wanted. She gets the man of her dreams, who just happens to also be a prince, and rich, and apparently extremely good looking too. What are the odds? But let’s dig a little deeper and see what we find in this tale.

First off, the one we hear Disney tell is not the original from Grimm’s Faerie Tales. Instead it has been prettied up to avoid most of the gruesome nature of that tale, and to make it more suitable as reading material for the young and young at heart. The infamous glass slipper was not in fact glass (it was golden), there was no fairy godmother (it was a pair of magical birds…

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Clearly Spring

A Mixed Bag

The weather has been delightful before today – where we had a very short thunderstorm. I could have imagined it, it was that short, and we had some hail as well. These are a couple of plant life shots I took. I wanted to get the castle in the tree one as well, it wasn’t an “off-target” shot. I did try one with a Victorian lamp-post as well, but that didn’t come out too well.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend and have a good week ahead.

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