Chocolate beer brownies

In Vegetables We Trust

This morning before going to the job centre I opened a bottle of stout, not for drowning my jobless sorrows, but for baking a super quick and tasty batch of brownies to scoff down with my morning coffee.

I thoroughly recommend beer in the morning, if it is baked into something chocolatey and indulgent.

These brownies are surprisingly fudgey and gooey considering they don’t contain melted chocolate/ silken tofu/ or vegan marg, like most fudgey gooey brownies. This is a bonus, as everything could be kept in the cupboard ready to make these beauty’s. I often find that when I buy a bar a chocolate to keep in my cupboard, just in case I want brownies, it never lasts long enough. I generally eat it as soon as I get back from the shops.Whereas, I am yet to get through a whole tub cocoa powder in one day….

I sugesst serving…

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