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Apart Together

Originally posted on Pooky's Poems:

There was a time
You cared so much
It hurt to let her go.
Where that time went
And why it left
Is something you don’t know.
But what you know
As sure as day
Is you don’t love her now.
You need to tell her,
Call things off,
But you don’t know quite how.
You’re a coward
So you stay beside her,
Though love’s left.
You fear your absence
From her life
Would leave her lost, bereft.
But company
Who’s there in body,
But not there in heart,
Makes you feel more lonely
Than you feel
When you’re apart.

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Originally posted on DaveYoungPoet:


“How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank,
Here will we sit and let the sounds of music
creep in our ears: soft stillness and the night
become the touches of sweet harmony.”
Act V Scene 1 – The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

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All That Remains

Originally posted on The Eclectic Poet:

I still struggle with unresolved feelings
Anger, Disbelief, Loss, Grief
Gradually, these are being replaced
Time, the gentle healer works magick
My twin-spirited Poet, you lost the battle
Your inner darkness was too strong
Misunderstood, others helped it flourish
Good and evil, charming and cruel
So desperate for love, so destructive with it
I find that I mourn for both of you

The man you wanted the world to see
The man who desperately clung to me

My lover who was a stranger
Who gambled and lost with danger

Unpacking the detritus of my old life
I come across these trinkets and mementos
They don’t hurt me anymore
In fact, I’m glad to have them
They remind me of the other man
The better man
The one you said you wanted to be
Your half of you and me
Gone with the doppelgänger
That the world knew
Inextricably, one and…

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Panoramic Rio de Janeiro by ferreiraphotography

Originally posted on Photographers Photography !:

Photo Credit : ferreiraphotography

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I AM HERE MILKY WAY by mohamedamasha

Originally posted on Photographers Photography !:

Photo Credit : mohamedamasha

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Sunset Shooters.. by alpcem

Originally posted on Photographers Photography !:

Photo Credit : alpcem

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A Dutch insperation. by mosmerabsamii

Originally posted on Photographers Photography !:

Photo Credit : mosmerabsamii

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