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before this world

Originally posted on jdubqca:

it’s like I had been here before
this sometimes lonely
sometimes violent planet
spinning tales of uncertainty
fighting for her own life from
forces inside and out

irreconcilable differences
fester beneath the surface
and in the hearts of men
who pretend love doesn’t exist
propagating arms races and
settling disputes with destruction

the creator casts lots and flirts
with extinction in innumerable ways
taking out ground troops in
single covert operations
recasting their souls back before
this world was ever born

june two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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Down the Garden Path

Originally posted on Source of Inspiration:

garden path

Path winding through the garden
passing flower beds, bird feeders
fountains spraying rainbows of water
I follow the stepping stones
with balance and surety
knowing their placement
is well planned
providing me with
various encounters
along the way.

I have the option
of stepping off the path
though run the risk
of obstacles if I do
so I move carefully
from step to step
knowing the most beautiful
walk through the garden fair.

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Something in mind

Originally posted on Jemverse:


Had in mind to buy a present
But although I shopped around
My heart just wasn’t in it
And nothing suitable was found

Had in mind to pick a flower
But though plenty there to see
My heart couldn’t find a colour
And none appealed that much to me

Had in mind to sing a love song
But although my voice was strong
My heart just didn’t want to play
And no-one sang along

Had in mind to write a poem
And, as you see, that worked out fine
For my heart is always there and
finds the right words every time


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waitting by bthottoli

Originally posted on Photographers Photography !:

Photo Credit : bthottoli

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Smoke Show by ramij

Originally posted on Photographers Photography !:

Photo Credit : ramij

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The symbol of Switzerland by AlfredoCostanzo

Originally posted on Photographers Photography !:

Photo Credit : AlfredoCostanzo

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no second chances by dgadventurespnw

Originally posted on Photographers Photography !:

Photo Credit : dgadventurespnw

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