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only pebbles (haibun)

May 25, 2015

Blog It Or Lose It

conococheague at county

Clams and chestnuts.  Pebbles and fruits.  Splitting, parting.   I watched the creek as Basho’s haiku rolled around in my mind.  This creek is not known for clam shells; few chestnut trees grow on its banks.   The banks here are gritty, full of pebbles – and it’s too early for the water to be fruitful with crayfish and trout.  And I was presented with a dilemma – for which the green had no answers – until a roar of steel-gray wings split the evening in two. 

only pebbles
to be found in the grit –
the heron moves on

Linked to Carpe Diem #740: Clam.  There is a haiku version of this prompt as well as this haibun version. The haiku version was composed creekside because I didn’t want to lose the moment!   

Here is our haiku inspiration from Basho:

hamaguri no   futami ni wakare   yuku aki zo

a clam
torn from…

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