This Book from 1908 is Dedicated to Blackboard Art and it’s Amazing


In 1908, Frederick Whitney, an artist and teacher in Salem, Massachusetts published Blackboard Sketching, a book dedicated to the art of blackboard chalk drawings. As the book’s forward states:

Ability to draw easily and well on the blackboard is a power which every teacher of children covets. Such drawing is a language which never fails to hold attention and awaken delighted interest.

The fascinating book not only outlines techniques and methods but provides an amazing gallery of artworks drawn by Whitney himself. The book is currently in the collection of the University of California’s Digital Library and is available to view and download in its entirety via


blackboard chalk art from 1908 by frederick whitney (1)

Take half or two-thirds of a stick of chalk, discard the small end, and use such a piece in nearly all the lessons given. In this case place the chalk horizontally upon the board, and…

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