Where Hanuman Threw Saneeswara Rare Shani Idol

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Ravana was so mighty he could dictate terms to all, including the Devas and even the Navagrahas, the Nine Planets.

Saneeswar Mandir, Gwalior.Image.jpg Shri Shani(Saturn) Mandir Shanishchara,Shani Parvat, Village Ainti , District Morena ,Near Gwalior Madhya Pradesh

When his wife Mandodaru,was pregnant with Indrajit,Ravana wanted  all the planets to be in a benevolent position,  at the time of Indrajit’s Birth

He ordered all the Nine planets  to be in the places assigned by him,that is the Eleventh Houses.

But Shani refused but to humour Ravana sat on the Eleventh House but stretched his to the 12th House, with disastrous consequences for Indrajit.

Had Saneeswara remained in the eleventh house, along with the other planets,Indrajit would have remained immortal.

That was not to be.

Ravana imprisoned Saneeswara.

Saneeswara responded by saying,

Scroll down for Video.

“O King of Lankaa, You may keep me as a prisoner, but only I will destroy your whole…

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