Message to My Other

Allison Grayhurst


Message to My Other


You will not find me.

The angel promised

I would be left alone,

and I have been – left alone

like the hollowness created by a plaster mould,

with edge but no substance.

That substance

I had to earn, and once earned, I had to chisel

and sand to smooth perfection.

You will not cross my path

and ruin my illusion, you will not

tear a hole of horror in my canopy

or block my sun with your stark

though extreme reality.

You will run back and take your loss, take

the burrs buried in your hair, take your desperate corner

and your beauty that veils a great violence.

You will walk toward another – one that has not

lived as long nor has longed for

oblivion as I have. You may not sit beside me.

The angel promised,

and life without you is…

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