Happy Water Day

Risty's Breath

Hi All, Happy Water Day … Let’s Do Something Today.

Today is a day of water. Yes, the water, we just drink or we use to wash our face this morning. Today is a good time to do a reflection, a short devotional how the importance of water and how dependent we are on it.


Water sustains our lives, even our bodies contain up to 70% water. Unfortunately, the river as a water source we currently critically endangered by pollution due to industrial waste.

Realize that in fact we are very lucky?
Not everyone has the luxury of access to clean water free of toxic materials harmful. We see on the news, that 1000 hectares of rice fields in the region over Rancaekek, Bandung Regency contaminated industrial waste. Is no longer productive rice fields, could barely planted.

We were lucky because not stay around Cikijing river (tributary Citarum), Rancaekek.

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