A Place I Can Call Mine

A Darker Side of Normal


Title: A Place I Can Call Mine

Whispers are digging
As they get deep inside
Derailing my senses
Until there’s nothing to hide

Each step, it wears me thin
Every breath tainted with sin
As I let it drift today
It wouldn’t matter anyway

The spoil laced inside a day

I can feel my eyes forsake
As hope arrives too late
The fight that thirsts inside
Has curled up and died

The air gives me a glimpse
It takes me far away
For the things I never said
The doubts remain a part of me

With everything I couldn’t be

I try to catch the tears I cry
As I’m drowning in a lie
Each breath that was meant for you
Was really too good to be true

The pain I wear inside
Sends shivers up my spine
With each day that wears me down
How could I be so…

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