One in Every Family

Source of Inspiration

Dark shadows creep
across my soul.
Unable am I to push
them away. Like tattoos
with life, they slither within,
tainting again and again.

Not the stranger on the street,
one more sinister than he.
Smiling face, lies for truth
he robs me of my life
leaving only a shell behind.

Who is this son of evil
who creeps into my room
bringing pain and humiliation?
Not a stranger on the street,
but my father, uncle, brother
while the family passes
knowing looks and secret
unspoken vows to hide from all
this villinous deed
leaving me alone
with my shame.


Fortunately, I never experienced sexual abuse, but have worked with many who have, most often at the hands of those who should have been protecting them. This crime is prevalent and poorly addressed; it shocks me every time. And, why do we call it abuse…rather than what it is…RAPE…

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