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I have published an article containing Veda Mantra for curing Autism.

There is a Temple for curing Autism.

This is near Mulabhagal Kolar District,Karnataka.

The radiation from the Athmalinga from the Sanctum is believed to cure Autism, improves  Intelligence.

There are two Lingas.

The Athma Linga changes its color thrice a Day.

This Athma Linga is blood-red in color in the early mornings, in afternoons it is white, and in the evenings it takes honey color.

There are two more places where the Shiva Linga changes color.

One is in Mangalore Kantheswara Temple and another is in near Myiladuthurai, where The Lord Shiva‘s Idol changes its colors five times a day coinciding with the Kala Pooja, the poojas conducted at fixed hours daily..

Atma Linga.png Atma Linga,Virupakshapura Village in Mulbagal taluk of Kolar dst, Karnataka.

In the same sanctum, there is another Linga slightingly bigger than the Virupaksha athma linga called  ”Marga-Darsh-Neshwara Linga”. The…

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