Shiva Worships Vishnu Kapaalikrit Vishnu Stuthi

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If one were to study , not read, the Visnusahsranama and Shiva Sahasranama, one would find common names while describing Vishnu and Shiva.

There is no distinction between the two.

Shiva and Vishnu in one Image.Image.jpg. Shiva and Vishnu in one Image

I had posted  an article on Krishna Stuthi on Lord Shiva, where Krishna worships Shiva.

Here is the Prayer by Lord Shiva on Vishnu.

The Stuthi is called Kapaalikrit Vishnu Stuthi.

At one instance, Shiva removed the head of Lord Brahma and he had the curse of Barhmahathi.

Brahma’s skull got attached to Shiva’s hand.

It was removed by Lord Vishnu and the skull fell down.

Shiva Worships Vishu Stuthi.Image.jpg. Kapaalikrit Vishnu Stuthi

Salutations to the Lord of demi-gods (deva)! Salutations to the One bearing flag of Gaurda! Salutations to You, Who bears conch-shell (shankha), discus (chakra), and mace (gadaa) in hands and is known as Vasudeva.||1||

O the One, Who is formless, Who is…

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