Shiva Vishnu The Same Quotes

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I have posted some articles on the Unity of Shiva an Vishnu.

There is no distinction between the two.

I am providing some quotes from the Puranas.

Brahma Vishnu Shiva as One.Image.jpg. Brahma Vishnu Shiva as One. Halebid

“Though the three, Brahma Vishnu and Siva form an integral whole the world considers them separate and quarrels.”

-Thirumoolar in Thirumandiram.

“Those who find indifference in Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and recognise the oneness in them obtain eternal peace.” Chapetr 4 Srimad Bhagavatham

“Shiva Brahma and Vishnu are thy manifested forms, which create, maintain and destroy the universe at thy will.  Thou is Ishwara who delivers Moksha (Salvation).  Thou is Parabrahman (the Supreme Lord).”-Chapter 8 Srimad Bhagavataham

Shivo Harirhariha Shakshatchiva Eva Nirupitaha      |
Shivadveshi Haridrohi Vishnum Nityam Bhajanapi    || Narada Pancharatra.

‘Shiva is Hari and Hari is none other than Shiva.  An enemy of Shiva is an enemy of Hari, even though he…

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