Love Doesn’t Keep Time

Syl65's Blog

She’s been waiting for the phone to ring

For quite some time now

She’s bored with her routine things

Last time she heard from him was a quarter to three

Said he’d call back in an hour or so

So, why hasn’t the phone rang?

There’s no answer on his end

Almost time for bed

And she’s really missing him

T.V. off

One last call, his phone keeps ringing

Sadness tugs at her heart

Lights off, time for bed

Just as she buries her head and sorrow in the pillow

The doorbell rings

In an instant, it rings again

She wonders who it could be

It’s so late

But she doesn’t hesitate heading for the door

Looking through the peep-hole

Her sorrow head off to bed alone

Happiness tugs at her heart

He had driven all the way from down state

Just for her

Was in such a flux to…

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