Northern Thai Style Tempura, Gra Bong Tod

The High Heel Gourmet

Thai tempura, Gra Bong Tod 1 (1)

Here I’m filling another request for a rare item that you won’t find anywhere in any restaurant outside Thailand. (Well I can’t find it myself. If you know of any restaurant serving this item, please let me know so I can keep the list.)

There are two reasons that you won’t find this item in “foreign” restaurants. First, not many people know about this delicious snack; it is pretty region-specific. I posted a picture of these on my Facebook page and instagram and even my Thai friends asked me what they are! That should be enough proof about their rare existence.

Second, this is more of a street food item. They are very simple to make, and so restaurants don’t normally serve them.

GraBong is a Thai tempura. It’s made of vegetables deep fried in flour batter. The difference from Japanese tempura is these are gluten free! The Thai don’t make…

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