How Google Search Really Works – Don Charisma

Don Charisma

Google, they are the big boys in searching for stuff on the internet. But who and what are they really ?

To put it simply Google’s search is an artificial intelligence engine. That’s right like a computer that thinks like a human being.

The other thing is that almost nobody in the world knows how it actually works. It’s a “black box” and a very closely guarded secret. So it’s impossible to write an article stating EXACTLY how it works, because only a few people at Google actually know that. So for me there’s two ways that help me think of Google, in layman’s terms :

1. A massive team of librarians, that are aware of virtually every web page on the internet – “The Librarians”

2. A talent contest similar to “American Idol” in USA or “Pop Idol” in the UK – “The Talent Contest”

1. Google The Librarians

Google’s servers are…

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