Haibun Thinking – Week 15 – May 1, 2014

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

© Anja Partin © Anja Partin

All good things come to an end they say, and on the other hand, if I think about it, all bad things do too!  The clock ticks and what seemed to be a permanent part of my life, suddenly disappears, and it’s gone, over, done.

Impermanence is a favorite topic of the Zen masters, perhaps most philosophers like that subject in fact, but for Zen thought, it’s the core of many a mondo and meditation.  To realize and interiorize the workings of the illusion that we call permanence has always fascinated me.  The suddenness of change, until one realizes that even that too, is impermanent.

The seasons pass, and with them the years you’ve got to walk this earth.  Today I’m here … tomorrow, who knows.

swallows return in spring
looking for their nests
the barn is gone

This is my entry for the last prompt of

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