Source of Inspiration

There is a change of sound
that first greets the new day,
a silence that is not silent,
as if one is holding one’s breath
in anticipation, but hears
the beat of the heart,
rush of blood coursing through veins.

Subtle light  illuminates the inky sky;
pale greys blend behind.
Soft coos play counterpoint
to a single beat of a frog’s
lament, dreams fade away.
Gauzy mists float above
the still lake and swirl
above the trees. The morning
star sends forth its
light of love.

Now comes zigzags of
colors reaching across the sky,
back-dropped by pinks and greys.
Golden light begins to outline
the horizon, trees and my soul.
Slowly at first, the glory of
the sun appears spreading its
promise across the sky.

I stand on top of the hill,
arms open in joy,
music fills me as the
sun salutes the new day
promising God’s love…

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