Seeking home

Diary of a MYSTIC


In our seeking hearts
Song of creation cycles
In no ending desire to go back home.

Little hums change to rhapsody of steps
Courageous journeys to fight and honor
Our Fatherlands, or protect the only place we know as home.
To meet and slayer dragons
To befriend or defeat strangers
To get wounded by ignorance
And be healed by acceptance and surrendering
To search and find the sacred holy grail.
To die and reborn.
Away from ordinary, we shape our experiences,
In hope to move us closer to infinite freedom
And sometimes, we sit motionless viewing the battlefields
The marsh of glory, blood, and chained demons
And yet, we yearn to conquer the safest passage
To return home.
From the birth, our eyes seek and our heart longs,
For the unknown and unmeasured sense of belonging
The home we seek, is the boundless sense of freedom,
For that we take…

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