Anna-Maria Rapeseedfield Series #1 – Digital


Here are some of the photos from a shooting with Anna-Maria (visit her channel on Instagram!). It took place in Bonn and in Uedorf at a rapeseedfield which Tiko, a friend who was kind enough to assist me (check his awesome instagram feed here) and i saw when we took the train to the shooting.

I chose to publish this setting first because in the last months i didn’t publish too many photos which were in a natural, colourful environment. The other series are more abstract and reduced (-:

Hope you like and let me know what you think (-;


pramudiya "nathan ishar" foto köln-maria_089 That’s actually my favourite shot of the series (-; What’s yours and why?

pramudiya "nathan ishar" foto kölnpramudiya_20140414_bonn_anna-maria_067

As always i appreciate every feedback/comment, share and if you like please subscribe on here and on facebook to get instant notification when i upload the other series and new photos (-:

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