Remember the Time…It Was Your Birthday?

The Waiting

Remember the Time Blog Hop: Birthday Edition

I find myself in strange but familiar territory lately. As usual, I am putting it on the kid (doesn’t that sound better than blaming it on the kid?). Her birthday is next week and all of a sudden the Pinteresty beast has been awakened in my belly. Even though I wouldn’t label myself a Type A mom, I do love a good color palate and I’m not above assigning one to her second birthday party.* In another life, I loved arts and crafts. I even gave a speech on how to decoupage when I was in college. Shockingly to us all, I passed.

*Thanks for asking! Yellow, red, and purple, in honor of Peep and the Big Wide World

peep-8 Source: (9 Story Entertainment Inc., WGBH)

I’ve really enjoyed preparing for her birthday party. We didn’t have a big blowout for her last year because her birthday actually fell on Easter and, honestly, I was…

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