Cycling colourful San Francisco

Love thy bike

San Francisco USA

Discovering a bike hire shop right next to your accommodation is a dream come true.

san francisco - USA

Staying in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco’s china town must have distracted our attention from the collection of bicycles hanging in the dusty windows? Our exciting cycle across the Golden Gate bridge the day before meant the Boyfriend and I were definitely up for another day in the saddle.

Above, the bright red lanterns of China town are swaying in the morning breeze, the market stalls are piled high with a colourful array of fresh fruit and vegetables as we squeeze our hire-bikes through the throngs of people buying the weekly goods… the greasy scent of soy sauce and cooking oil seeps from the small eateries.  Tired eyed people hunch over the tables slurping bowls of hot soupy liquid.

san francisco - USA

China town is wide awake making it impossible to cycle through its cramped roads…

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