9 Reasons Pitbull Would Make A Serious Political Candidate

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Pitbull is one of those rare people in history, like Aristotle, Michelangelo, and Beyoncé, who have achieved one word status. No one needs a second name to know which Pitbull we’re talking about. If he has to run under his given name, however, Armando Christian Pérez might have a problem.


More than any other celebrity today, Pitbull personifies the American dream. While Drake might sing about starting from the bottom, Pitbull actually did (and Drake started at Degrassi). Pitbull was born to Cuban immigrants in Miami at the height of the reign of the Cocaine Cowboys. He was raised by a single mother, who kicked him out at age 16 for dealing drugs. He spent time in foster care. He eventually turned his life around, graduating from public high school “even though he played hooky.” Today, Pitbull is a multimillionaire and…

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