5 Easy Ways to Eat Less Sugar

Health & Family

We’re swimming in sugar: Americans take in more than 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day (which snowballs into the equivalent of more than 56 pounds annually). For the average American’s 2,000-calorie diet, that means 18% of daily calories are coming from the sweet stuff.

Experts previously recommended that no more than 10% of your calories come from sugar, but new guidelines slash that number even further. The World Health Organization announced Wednesday that it now recommends that no more than 5% of your daily calories come from sugar (about 100 calories for the average person).

An uncontrollable sweet tooth does more than just make you fat. Recent studies show that excess sugar intake raises risk of death from heart disease by 20% or more, regardless of other health problems. It’s also been shown to mess up metabolism, impair brain function, and raise the risk of diabetes and maybe even…

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