13 Reasons Why Babysitting Is The Best Gig To Get In Your 20s

Thought Catalog

Uptown GirlsUptown Girls

1. If you generally like kids, it’s the best way to spend your days.

It’s okay to like kids even when you’re still trying to figure out this whole ‘feeding yourself and eating out of something beyond a coffee mug’ situation called your early 20s. Liking kids does not necessarily mean you’re fiending for a family of your own just yet (and if you are, that’s perfectly okay, too). Kids are, for the most part, pretty awesome miniature human beings. They’re honest, they’re affectionate, and despite their bad rap for being stubborn, they help you get out of your own head for a while. Taking care of another person is a great exercise in reminding yourself that being the center of your universe isn’t always the best thing.

2. You have a reason to indulge in all the movies, books, and games you loved as a kid.


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