10 Simple Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Head When Life Gets Stressful

Thought Catalog


1. Delete all social networking — at least at first. (Alternatively, use SelfControl, or another web extension that blocks you from social media for a little while.) It’s important to remove yourself from feeling the obligation to look at the best aspects of others’ lives and compare it to yours or compete to show why your life is equally if not more enviable.

2. Position yourself near other people. I started venturing outside the house —shades on, iPod in hand-and walked to the nearest coffee shop. It’s comfy and you’re surrounding yourself with people without the obligations of socializing. Breathe, look around, and observe your surroundings. Notice the little things. Realize this is the bigger picture. You are both insignificant and significant. You are not alone, though.

3. Go online and read through others’ stories. Maybe they’re depressed, too. Maybe they’re scared, too. Maybe they feel like they can’t…

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