Shine the Light

burns the fire

Sunshine Award

I’m out of the closet. Thanks to interweb fairy Jennie Saia at Tip of My Tongue for nominating Burns the Fire for a sunshiney award, advising me to nominate ten blogs I like and write ten, gulp, facts about me.


1)  I make stuff up. I write fiction and scripts and make movies, bringing people to life who are not me. Every blog post I write in my own voice is a struggle and this one takes the cake.

2)  Real people are my inspiration. I adore the actors who play them.

3)  Originally, I wanted to call this blog Piss & Vinegar because my mother says I’m full of it. Burns the Fire is what my Russian grandmother called me in shtetl-speak and I thought it was my name.

4)  My father told me our love would live on when he died. He was right.

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