Being Self and Unself ~ #012 February 2014 – Haiga/Haibun Thinking Week #6: Literature Prompt (and a NaHaiWriMo Note)

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Self and Unself


this one who touches stones and watches sky.

this one who curbs fire and moves water.

who speaks to the universe in our own language which is not always the language of the universe. or even my language of the universe. and listens only too often, to mistake the reply. as silence and compliance.

that one? am I that one?

this one often forgetting the inner language of our own being.

who struggles with past and future while misplacing the present as minor, yet knowing now to be the only moment there is.

this one who learns from the past and so often forgets what is learned and known and must know and learn again in the now future.

this one who plans for a future that will never exist, yet forms the limitations I will live within tomorrow.

that one?

this one lost within…

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