Planning for an Alice in Wonderland Party

Artistic Milestones

I’ve joined a lot of wonderful children’s party but just recently I’ve been invited to the best Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party I’ve ever been to which have prompted me to write about it.  It’s for a baby girl who just turned 1.   The party was held at Shangrila Hotel and it was so extravagant, clever and whimsical, it made me feel that I was really in a world of wonder wherein time seem to fly so quickly.  Below are some of the pictures I took.

On the left is the awe-inspiring ceiling decors, the balls are actually lanterns instead of the usual balloons (obviously not budget friendly).   And the right photo was the stunning center stage decor.  The actual place is so much brighter and better than my pictures believe me.

Baking Big Ideas

My favorite part of the room is this place where all the giveaways are placed.  Candies…

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