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Architect Bradley Rothenberg Does 3D-Printed Fashion At The Annual Victoria’s Secret Show

December 7, 2013


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is about so much more than lingerie.

Over the years the annual event, which took place in Manhattan in mid-November and airs December 10, has grown into a mega-beast of elaborate outfits, wings, glitter, and musical performances. Of course, all the images of this year’s show have leaked. One that caught our eye was of a delicate, snowflake-inspired, 3D-printed bustier.

I caught up with Bradley Rothenberg, the architect commissioned to design the look, to hear about 3D printing for the human body. Rothenberg works out of a spare studio in SoHo; his team numbers one to three depending on the day. While the snowflake outfit was out on a tour of Victoria’s Secret stores, there were still a few samples of the fabric kicking around his three-person studio in SoHo.

“If you 3D-print weaves, you can create a moving textile,” says Rothenberg. “The main part…

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