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Changing Thoughts

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Originally posted on The Mirror Obscura:

*Note: I’ve been doing some Jazz poems of late and though it will not be for a few weeks before I begin introducing them here and there, I wrote this one this morning and could not keep myself from posting it to test the waters as it were. To define what I consider a Jazz poem is an impressionistic kind of poem written while listening to jazz. It sort of just puts you in a frame of mind that is hard to resist. >KB

Changing Thoughts

Two suns, two moons with space between them
Rising, having risen at the same time
The sky with many kinds of interpretations
Of celestial natures, made by those seeking
Shelter from seeing double,
Not knowing
Which pair are real and if they both are
What then?

An odd situation holds me in awe
And stifles navigation and telling day
From night
As if either…

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Cure Autism Virupaksha Temple Color Changing Shiva

Originally posted on Ramani's blog:

I have published an article containing Veda Mantra for curing Autism.

There is a Temple for curing Autism.

This is near Mulabhagal Kolar District,Karnataka.

The radiation from the Athmalinga from the Sanctum is believed to cure Autism, improves  Intelligence.

There are two Lingas.

The Athma Linga changes its color thrice a Day.

This Athma Linga is blood-red in color in the early mornings, in afternoons it is white, and in the evenings it takes honey color.

There are two more places where the Shiva Linga changes color.

One is in Mangalore Kantheswara Temple and another is in near Myiladuthurai, where The Lord Shiva‘s Idol changes its colors five times a day coinciding with the Kala Pooja, the poojas conducted at fixed hours daily..

Atma Linga.png

Atma Linga,Virupakshapura Village in Mulbagal taluk of Kolar dst, Karnataka.

In the same sanctum, there is another Linga slightingly bigger than the Virupaksha athma linga called  ”Marga-Darsh-Neshwara Linga”. The…

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How Non violent movements benefitted from By any Means Necessary movements

Originally posted on Social Action:

I have listen to numerous people who say rebellions and revolts are unproductive and nothing good comes from engaging in them. The historical record would prove that patently false. It depends I guess on what you define as successful or how narrow of a view you are taking. Are the criticism of those who are engaging the police and engaging in rebellious activities accurate? Can non-violent tactics resolve the systemic problem of police violence and murder? Examining these questions from a historic and contemporary perspective.

*This is not an endorsement or a condemnation of any tactic any person decides to deploy in response to the murders and brutalization of people in their communities. It is for public debate on the systemic problem of police violence and murders in the USA.

Support New Black Media for the New Millennium…

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Red Wolf Wordle – August 15, 2014

Originally posted on Bastet and Sekhmet's Library:


Vanity – Auguste Toulmouche, 1890

Life has its odd little swings
Self doubt can bring your world crashing down
Caught in a fish-net of asylum madness
The dust of an inner alley can chill your bones …

Looking in the mirror at her image
She froze becoming a pillar of salt
That glassy face of paper mache
Stared at her, so frayed and mushroom white.

Funny how carnival mirrors made her laugh
Way back in nineteen forty-four,
Now her proud youthful perfection’s gone,
Those same mirrors are a horror in twenty-fourteen.

The roots of her problem – her vanity fair
That strokes her ego and drapes her heart,
Too much water has passed under the bridge
The crisp freshness of her youth was gone.

Fight she may the ravages of time
With pure white Dove, the soap of the stars,
But the wrinkles lay claim to her face …

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A Garden Of Girls By Edith Nesbit

Originally posted on Renard Moreau Presents:

Edith Nesbit

KATE is like a violet, Gertrude’s like a rose,
Jane is like a gillyflower smart;
But Laura’s like a lily, the purest bud that blows,
Whose white, white petals veil the golden heart.
Girls in the garden–one and two and three–
One for song and one for play and one–ah, one for me!
Gillyflowers and violets and roses fair and fine,
But only one a lily, and that one lily mine!

Bertha is a hollyhock, stately, tall, and fair,
Mabel has the daisy’s dainty grace,
Edith has the gold of the sunflower on her hair,
But Laura wears the lily in her face.
Girls in the garden–five and six and seven–
Three to take, and three to give, but one–ah! one is given–
Hollyhocks and daisies, and sunflowers like the sun,
But only one a lily, and that one lily won.

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Yes, but…

Originally posted on Source of Inspiration:

Every time we say, “yes, but…”
a door slams on an opportunity.
We defend ourselves by avoiding
another’s point of view, thus
keeping our thoughts narrow.

Pay attention to how often you
say, “yes, but…” and what brings
these words forth: fear, guilt,
resistance to change, self-
rightousness, stubbornness are triggers.

Instead, change to phrases like:
“That’s interesting, I hadn’t considered that.”
“I need to think about that some more.”
“Thank-you for sharing your point of view.”
“Tell me more about that.”
When said with loving intent,
you leave the door open for further
understanding and possibility
of growth for all.


Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck

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