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Reflection of the Sea

Originally posted on A Darker Side of Normal:



A few words; twisted charade
A chandelier of twisted spades
A crystal’s reflection; the possibilities
Those few steps that could change the world

Or the few not taken to watch it fall apart

Like an hourglass that’s been tainted
If I had the time, I’d watch
Forgiving moments I forgot to see
It’s the splinter in our eyes

The opportunities, the compromise
It’s because we care
The blanket of security we grant
A universal symbol of bond

I’d walk the earth to find you
But you were always right in front of me
The bandage on my hearts, undone

And you’ve seemed to mend the wounds

The bleeding’s stopped
Just scars and stories
And the never-ending reminder of you

The absence of just someone there
Each sunrise a plain reminder
The reflection of the sea

Somewhere out there it’s you waiting
And at some time, will be

So cross…

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Originally posted on Another Wandering Soul:

words are weighed in stone &
charcoal fingers
are too crisp to trace
the delicate curves of love-filled letters.

today, the chisel
is all I can bear.

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In Abundance

Originally posted on Syl65's Blog:


Peace and Love
In abundance
May it find it’s way into your heart
Quelling the useless noise
That makes life so loud
Peace and Love
To you

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Permission Granted

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

Be Kind To Yourself Quote

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For as long as I can remember, I have found it much easier to be kinder to others than to myself.  That old saying, “You can’t love someone until you love yourself”, used to confound me, because while I was my own worst enemy, I often was everyone else’s best friend.  Then, there is the classic twist on this saying that goes, “No-one will love you until you love yourself”.  Again, I was baffled by this statement, because even when I wallowed in self-loathing, I knew I had family and friends who loved me.  So, I believed that somehow these two schools of thought did not apply to me.  Then, my world imploded three years ago, and as I began to recover and heal from the depression and anxiety, I also began to change my mind  about the notion of self-kindness.  Suddenly, being kind to myself mattered…

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Navavarana Pooja Lalitha Tripura Sundari Principle

Originally posted on Ramani's blog:

The Navarana Pooja for Devi is considered  as Supreme in the worship of Lalitha Devi, Tripura Sundari.

This forms a part of Tantra Shastra of Hinduism.

Avarana means concealment,masking, obstruction.

The attempt to realize self is  is paved the path of Obstructions.

This lies with the individuals mind and ego.

Losing one’s ego and the impediments of the mind clears the way for realization, first the Saguna Brahma,Reality of Name and Form.

Once the level is reached, one is automatically guided to the Ultimate Reality, the Nirguna Brahman.

The Avaranas of are of two kinds.

1.Klesa Avarana.

Klesa means confusion, unable to decide.

Sinful desires, Lust,hankering after Wealth, lead to misery.

These obstruct the individual in spiritual path.

The removal of these obstacles,Klesaprahan is essential.( Gaudapadakarika)

Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Madha, Mathsarya, Dvesha, Moha, Maana are some of the Klesas.

The other in Jneya Avarana.

Here the object of worship is…

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triangles choke

Originally posted on Traces of the Soul :

triangles that bind;
hurt, help, heal

my pen tries
to appeal
hurt, help, heal

which is it?

an interesting

victim, bystander, doer
bystander’s blinders
may party the doing
victim`s fear and shame
may add prolongation
continued duration
perpetual humiliation

shame prevents healing
shame prevents prevention
doer`s fear and shame
the odd victim gets help
bystander may get help
tending defensive wounds
doers rarely helped
more often accused
shamed, defamed
life no longer
can be reclaimed
society needs to learn
each side
of this triangle
preventing suffering
again and again.

preventing exploitation
again and again
preventing triangulation
preventing needless pain.

when will we try to gain
access to understandings
three-sided history
all-inclusive story
will some day
make true history

Reading an interesting article today about teen pedophiles who want to get help before becoming doers,  by Luke Malone at,  has moved me…no, it`s haunted me with…

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Secrets of the universe II

Featured Image -- 1612

Originally posted on Perspectives on life, universe and everything:

Looking through the window
Flying fishes again
Leaped out of water
Silver fish first
Golden next
Then a pink
Is that what I saw
Let me think!
more and more
turning into rainbows
all the way to sun
Having lots of fun
leaping back into the water
Doing a ballet
One of them is a starter
spinning around
Pirouette in blue
shining in my heart
Heart becomes
a rainbow too
kisses on my cheeks
Hugs to the soul
I giggle, I laugh
Roll and roll
Happiness raw
Then they said
au revoir

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